Alica Keys Attempts To Come ‘Back To Life’ With A New Track For Disney’s ‘Queen Of Katwe’

Disney, the company responsible for everything you know and love, is releasing Queen of Katwe. The Lupita Nyong’o flick looks pretty good and substantial so let’s hope this first offering from the film’s soundtrack has nothing in common with the movie itself. Alicia Keys‘ “Back To Life” is merely…okay.

The song starts similarly to “Diary,” one of her best songs and a standout from her second album. It’s almost as if she used the same cadence and tone from that song, which is fitting for the content of this one. “Back to Life” tells the story of a person confessing just how far from home they are and the desire to get back there. No doubt the films African setting plays into the song as she talks about wanting to “be somebody” and “go somewhere” that represents getting back to life. The beginning works and sounds like we’re in for something dope.

Then the rest of the song comes because no way Disney would allow a song only two minutes and thirty seconds to be on their soundtrack. Once the other instruments come in, it’s almost as if Keys gets lost in the shuffle. This part of the song has more in common with a pop song you’d hear blaring out of mall speakers than a song about the beauty of Africa.

Doesn’t mean the song is bad or terrible for ears. Just means it…well, it exists. For Alicia Keys, just existing shouldn’t be an option.

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