Watch Lizzo Wow Trevor Noah With Her Unexpectedly Pitch-Perfect Eminem Impression

Rapidly rising star Lizzo showed off a pitch-perfect impression of fellow Midwesterner Eminem’s flow during a flirty interview with The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah as she explained how she wound up incorporating her flute skills into her act. As she explained why she was initially reluctant to show off her band geek upbringing, she shouted out Eminem’s character from his 2002 film debut 8 Mile, drawing a bemused chuckle from her host and demonstrating some hip-hop head cred in the process.

“There was a very small window when I was trying to be a rappity-rap rapper,” she began before launching into a wordy rhyme scheme that might just draw comparisons to comedian Chris D’Elia’s charming, Eminem-approved impression videos, which went viral last year and earlier this year for lovingly lampooning the veteran rapper’s heavily assonant style. Lizzo explained that her friends argued that she shouldn’t bring the flute into such a lyrically-focused arena as rap because it’d be “embarrassing.”

However, despite this advice, Lizzo — who touted knowing all her scales and being a “band nerd” under her “cool exterior” — started playing the flute as part of her sets, which actually drew attention. She went viral when she interrupted a scorching flute solo to yell “Bitch!” and fans on the internet felt that. She also explained how she quit and returned to music to honor her late father, how she taught herself to sing, and how the viral clip happened in the first place. Now, she’s doing songs with Missy Elliott, covering Lady Gaga hits, making Trevor Noah uncomfortable with her flirting, and promoting body positivity with her album cover and general demeanor.