LL Cool J & 50 Cent Becoming Best Friends???

09.02.06 12 years ago

Seems like these two are getting closer and closer. They appear on the MTV awards together, held a MTV VMA party they co-hosted and are working on LL’s new album together. Also all of a sudden LL start throwing shots at Def Jam in a 50 Cent type of move. MTV reports:

“It gives me an opportunity to be with new minds,” LL told Norris of working with 50. Cool J also noted his fellow Queens, New York, native had his “best interest at heart” and he brings “creativity” and “fresh energy” to the studio.”I’m excited personally,” 50 said, noting that he and LL knocked out six songs in just three or four days.


I think battle lines are getting drawn and there will be a lot of beef in hip hop to come.

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