Meet The Rapper Who Just Got A Huge Look From Lonzo Ball’s Z02 Sneaker Commercial

05.04.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

The internet is buzzing over Lonzo Ball’s signature sneaker from Big Baller Brand. In the commercial for the $495 sneaker made by a company owned by the star prospect out of UCLA and his brothers, Ball talks about doing what he has to bring up his community and family with him. While he almost certainly meant his family — the people who helped him make the wildly expensive shoe — he’s also bringing up relatively unknown rapper in his wake. DC The Don’s “Everything 1K” got a huge look when Ball opted to use the song over the end of the commercial.

Like the Brothers Ball, DC The Don is from Chino Hills. Lonzo’s commitment to keeping it local extends to his song choices, it seems. Head back up top and give a listen to the full track “Everything 1K” (which by our math would buy you a whopping two pairs of ZO2s with enough left over for a sandwich). DC doesn’t have much of an internet presence beyond a Soundcloud and a Twitter account. If we had to guess, he was born in Milwaukee and moved to Chino Hills. Thanks are in order for the fairly straightforward track “From The Mil to the IE.”

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