Ludacris Enters A Joint Venture For, “”

03.20.08 10 years ago 19 Comments is an online community of unsigned singers, rappers, songwriters, musicians and producers. The site has all the tools to help users create music, collaborate digitally with fellow artists worldwide and, in cases, earn a chance to create new music by collaborating directly with top musical stars such as Ludacris.

Everyone is getting thier e-hustle on these days, you got to with sales going down. More info on the site is below.

Disturbing Tha Peace Entertainment, Inc., a recording label and entertainment company founded by Grammy award winning Hip Hop artist Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges, and MegaMobile TV, LLC, a multi-platform content studio creating formats for online, TV and mobile founded by television veteran Matthew Apfel, announced today that they have entered into a joint venture to form

Slated to launch late April 2008, to date has attracted over 20,000 actively participating artists, musicians and producers while currently in preview mode.

Users who join create their own page and have the ability to submit their original songs, riffs and melodies. The WeMix community then votes for favorite songs and artists, thereby organically discovering new music at a grass-roots level. Top performers on the site, if chosen, have the chance to collaborate with Ludacris and a host of other stars to transform their song into a hit record – with the entire process captured as part of a series for web and television. All artists who join the WeMix community become part of this first-of-a-kind user-generated record label. In addition, the site will sponsor music-oriented contests with prizes for top songs, rhymes, ringtones, lyrics and jingles.

Artists who join the community and upload their creations have the potential to sell their work directly to the consumer, and to collaborate digitally with fellow artists around the world. Top-rated performers become eligible to bypass the traditional A&R process and collaborate directly with Ludacris and other top music stars, thereby creating an entirely new way to launch a career.

In addition, WeMix’s platform extends beyond the recording and publishing business into numerous additional revenue streams which include a reality series for online, TV, multiple online advertising opportunities, merchandise sales and SMS collaboration.

“There’s so much talent that never sees the light of day because of the traditional way we discover artists; I felt it was time to take music back where it belongs – in the streets and with the people,” said Ludacris. “It doesn’t matter what type of music you’re into, at it’s an open playing field. We want to hear everything that’s out there and let the people guide us in deciding which new artists get their shot to collaborate with stars and record a song. Even if you can’t sing or play an instrument, gives you the chance to make music and influence decisions through voting and reviews. It truly is the people’s record company.”

“WeMix is a joint venture on a global scale, between MegaMobile, Disturbing Tha Peace and the worldwide music community,” said Matthew Apfel, founder of Wemix and MegaMobile. “This is the first true online music community where the public can choose who and what they want to hear and – most importantly – play a meaningful role in how that music is created. Layered on top of that community are WeMix contests and publishing deals, where undiscovered artists get to collaborate with the biggest names in the industry – and get a real split of the publishing. Everyone wins: music is put back in the hands of the music community, the world gets great music and unknown musicians get discovered.

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