Protesters Turned Ludacris’ ‘Move’ Into An Anti-Trump Rallying Cry

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#MoveTrump ✊🏾

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Protesters at a Boston rally on Saturday repurposed the admittedly catchy hook to Ludacris’ 2001 hit ‘Move, B*tch’ as an anti-Trump marching chant. Interpreting the President’s wishy-washy comments regarding the Charlottesville, VA “Unite the Right” march as an embrace of the white supremacist sentiments expressed by its participants, the Bostonians paraphrased the chorus to say “Move Trump. Get out of the way,” as they protested the President and his waffling. After a career spent being berated by conservative pundits over his lyrics, the Atlanta rappers must feel vindicated now that his songs are one of the many things that unite us.

Ludacris, who recently squashed his simmering beef with longtime rival Drake and is currently hosting a revival of Fear Factor on MTV, seemed to wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment, posting a video of the protest to his Instagram along with a fist emoji to express solidarity, and the caption #MoveTrump. Ludacris hasn’t been heard from much musically lately, but the revived interest in his old hits may inspire him to fire up the old guest verse machine and swipe a few track from better known artists after his “Hawaiian roll abs” fiasco in the “Vitamin D” video. Even if it doesn’t, it’s comforting to know that those old songs are being put to good use. It may take a tad bit more lyrical ingenuity than “Move,” but may I suggest “Rollout” for the new protest? It has a lot of potential.