Lupe Fiasco Vents About MTV

10.21.10 8 years ago 30 Comments

Oh snap…MTV (illuminati’s favorite network) back on the attack…why can’t y’all just chill out? Salacious banality @ the speed of light? I think I’ve been very good natured with you. I personally know several employees of your company. You guys know me as well. I’m confused. Where is the true music journalism??? where is Suchin?!! What happened? Where are the honest critiques of cultural expression? For it’s not about being RIGHT it’s about being HOT Fame over self-awareness and virtue Hedonism over self respect Celebrity over cerebral. A destroying force in our culture and society just like rest of the useless vapid spectacles that pour out of our tv’s and radios. What are we supposed to be learning from you? What is your point? Do you have a point beyond corporate sponsored distraction? Your a materialistic shell of your former self that can only identify with celebrity pageantry and instant gratification. Corporate garbage pushing plastic lifestyles and wasteful, destructive behavior into the brains of the youth of the world. So when your relevance thins in2 a whisper & the stock price collapses and you have 2 come 2 grips with the mess you made. I’ll be here 4 ya. We’ll be here. With hands full of baby powder 2 smack some sense back into your body & a warm shoulder to cry on. We want the REAL MTV back!
Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco was mad over a list MTV made giving him tops on making Lasers Successful.

6. Embrace your leaked records

No rapper wants their new songs leaked onto the Internet. It’d be crazy to try and convince you or any other rapper to be happy about it. But if it happens, it happens. Rather than throwing dirt on your own songs or chastising the world when a record leaks, accept it and move on. That’s what we call free publicity, sir.

8. Take cues from your labelmate B.o.B.

Speaking of B.o.B, look no further than B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray to hear how you can make the album you want to and keep your label happy. B.o.B might have a few songs on there that you wouldn’t necessarily record, but it’s safe to say he’s also got plenty of songs on there that he truly wanted to release to the world. Use that as your blueprint.

Full List: MTV

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