CJ Wallis’ Proposed Mac Miller Documentary Was Canceled At The Request Of The Late Rapper’s Estate

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Less than 24 hours after announcing plans for a Mac Miller documentary, filmmaker CJ Wallis followed up to declare the project canceled at the behest of the late rapper’s estate. The Jet Life Recordings Creative Director had revealed that he wanted to create the “definitive” Mac Miller film, but now says that he was contacted by the estate, who requested that he hold off. He further admitted that he had made the earlier announcement before receiving the permission of the family due to his excitement to interview Mac’s peers about his impact and legacy.

“We heard back from @christianclancy & The Estate who said the family has requested we hold off on the project at this time,” Wallis tweeted just a few hours after the original announcement. “We immediately compiled as the last thing we’d want is to negatively impact anyone involved, quite the opposite. We felt comfortable announcing our intentions in advance of receiving permission because they were just that — intentions. The concept was peers telling their one favorite Mac story & cutting them together as a motivational & positive picture. Not a life story.”

Although Wallis seemed disappointed that the project was canceled he ended his announcement on a positive note: “The outpouring of support for the doc and that it was us trying to make one was humbling, and in time perhaps we will get to see it through. For now, we have hours of incredible music and thats always been more than enough.”