Man Who Stabbed A Bus Driver Has Been Found (Is This Snitchin’?)

12.03.08 9 years ago

Moore was arrested after confessing to one of his customers, police sources said. “I got into it with a bus driver and stabbed him,” Moore reportedly said in the Monday night conversation. A distraught Moore asked the man for a ride to his girlfriend’s house. The customer – feeling guilty about the slain driver – dropped Moore off, and then steered police to his hideout.

Full Story: NY Daily News

Very weird story, the man sneaked on the bus and then requested a transfer on top of that. The bus driver first said no but later on decided to give him one. When he gave it to him the assailant punched stabbed him. So basically the bus driver was being a nice guy and ended up losing his life for no damn reason. The murderer told one of his marijuana customers about it and they told the cops where he was at.

Who is going to scream stop snitchin’ in this situation?

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