Raiders Punter Marquette King Is All-In On The Hillary Clinton Bandwagon

Marquette King is having an amazing week, and he’s enjoying it as much as he can. After owning the week’s premiere NFL matchup on Sunday night when the Raiders dominated the Broncos, Marquette is now moving on to the election. The eccentric punter took to Twitter to pledge his allegiance to democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the only way he really could, with a hilariously awkward, muted video with her.

It’s no shocker that King is #WithHer, back in May he popped up at a Clinton rally in the Bay Area to lead a Hillary chant, so clearly he’s on her side of the ballot.

The lack of surprise, however, doesn’t make the video and tweet any less amusing though. “Im not trying to vote! I’m trying to get with her,” he said in the tweet, underneath a video where they’re clearly enjoying themselves. We may never know what was said by either King or Clinton in the video, but that’s probably exactly how he wants it.

The punter also tweeted “Hillary Clinton should be a Victoria Secret model instead of president. She still a 10,” but later thought better of it and deleted it. It’s not his first foray with Hillary on Twitter either, he was amused by this mockup of her dancing from the Ellen show last month.