Tisha Campbell-Martin Explains Why There Will Probably Never Be A ‘Martin’ Reunion

It doesn’t look like Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin are ever going to “pick up the pieces, just pick up the pieces”, and get back together for a Martin reunion. Not that many would blame Tisha, what with all that alleged sexual harassment and physical abuse the actress reportedly suffered at the hands of her co-star. The shocking allegations led to a lawsuit against ol’ Marty Mar and the show’s producers in 1996. It’s also the reason why Tisha was missing in action for most of that horrible last season, which also featured little of Martin, and why there weren’t any scenes of the two together in the series finale.

As one of the greatest shows of all-time, interest for a reunion is about as high as Martin looked in some of the show’s later episodes. Unfortunately, as Tisha recently revealed, a reunion special will probably never happen, and you can blame time and The Brady Bunch for that. The 47-year-old actress told Hollywood Today Live that she doesn’t want to muddle the show’s legacy with a reunion that may possibly turn into a disaster, like The Brady Bunch. No shade, though.

“You don’t want to mess up a good thing,” Tisha said. “No offense, y’all, but, you remember The Brady Bunch reunion? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” She went on to explain that modern times also makes a reunion difficult, saying, “It was a different time. So, you bring them back with different scenarios and more modern. I think it’s a different world now. We didn’t have cell phones back then.”

That’s a pretty meh answer, but I guess it’s classier than bringing up the alleged abuse and harassment thing.

(Via Hollywood Today Live)