This Guy Absolutely Shredded Future’s ‘Mask Off’ Challenge On Guitar

Usually when a dude picks up a guitar and sets his sights on a popular rap song, he’s purchased a ticket to the land of the most (and not in the good way). Typically, the best you can hope for is an Ed Sheeran song or Mike Dean’s singular turn on Kanye West’s “Devil In A New Dress.” But Twitter user Maxwell Steele just obliterated that long-standing rule with his mind-bending guitar rendition for the #MaskOffChallenge.

Even Twitter grudgingly accepted that his shredding take on the Future song was something to see. Celebratory GIFs were shared all around.

It probably wouldn’t soothe a crying baby, but it is something. Max is just the latest to join in the seemingly unkillable “Mask Off” meme. Well after every instance of a wind instrument in the history of popular television has been mined, musicians are still hopping on the fascinating flute loop. Even the violinist for WWE’s Nakamura joined in on the action, tearing through the song on a morning radio show.

But for our money, there’s only one true “Mask Off” winner. One group of fans who — through a combination of artistry and technical understanding — elevated the meme-ready Future standout to levels higher than any Percocet-molly-percocet combo could get him.

Sorry, Max. We don’t fault you for trying.