Master P Offers OG Insight On Lil Wayne And Birdman’s Family Spat

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Sometimes, it takes the wisdom of an OG to put everything in perspective for you. Master P, notable OG, compared the Lil’ Wayne and Birdman saga to that of married couple on the brink of possible divorce. In that analogous situation, two people would do what’s best for the other if there’s still love there, even if it’s just a little. But if it’s purely about the money and always has been, then there will be nothing but drama. If that’s the case, Weezy and Baby need marriage counseling.

P spoke to HipHopDx on the subject and offered insight as to the role J. Prince may play as mediator.

“It’s always much respect and love for him. Maybe this thing needs to go to somebody that can’t let them know, like, ‘Man, what is y’all fighting over? Y’all did this together…’ J ain’t the type of person who gonna get in they business or nothing like that because he respects the streets. I feel like he’ll probably give them some advice, but that’s gonna be on them because that’s really their problem,” said Master P.

Prince isn’t known to give fatherly advice with a smirk and a wink of the eye. There’s a good bet he’ll be a lot more stern than P is letting on. Speaking more openly about Tune and Baby, P is obviously diplomatic but clearly has an affection for both men.

“It’s like a marriage: even though you ain’t gonna be together, you’ve gotta figure it out. It’s like me, I gotta work it out with my ex-wife for my kids. It ain’t even about me no more, but I gotta do what’s right for my kids.”

He also let the world know he and Wayne have been in the lab together and wants nothing more than to see this situation resolved.

“I think Lil Wayne is probably one of the biggest artists in the world. Nobody’s gonna be able to take that away from him. I think that Baby built something from Louisiana and people got to respect that. Together they made something powerful. Now they just gotta figure out how to go separate ways with it. I’ve been working with Lil Wayne. I’ve got another record with him. Shout out to little homie. I definitely want to see him win.”

P is spot on regarding the history of Cash Money and the legacy these two men have built. Obviously money can bring out the worst in people but here’s hoping that J. Prince’s involvement brings this happy couple back together again or at least to an amicable separation. After all, somebody’s gotta think about the children.

(Via Hip Hop DX)

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