Meek Mill Schools Misguided ‘All Lives Matter’ Celebrities

Meek Mill isn’t an “All Lives Matter” guy. Technically, all lives should matter, but past, present and future events have shown that when it comes to equality, black lives don’t matter as much as the lives of others. It’s why the Philadelphia rapper is having a tough time understanding how his peers, specifically black artists, can yell all lives matter when “cops are shooting black people on the pavement over car tickets.”

The outspoken Dreamchaser touched on the “Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter” debate during his Taxstone interview recently and broke down why it’s foolish to yell the latter in response to the aforementioned. Comparing how police officers deal with blacks and whites differently, Meek says evidence of racial inequality is even more apparent when you look at how drug offenses are handled between the two races.

“College campuses flooded with drugs the same way the hood flood with drugs,” Meek points out. “You think [college campuses] got narcs running around and pulling guns on people and shooting? F*ck no. So why would you even open your mouth and say all lives matter?”

Meek goes on to admonish celebrities for “getting rich” and forgetting what’s going on in their old hoods, continuing, “Y’all n*ggas got this rich that y’all forgot that cops is pulling packs on n*ggas and taking n*ggas out their house with their kids and sh*t like that? All lives matter? They ain’t doing that sh*t everywhere.” And, for anyone needing a better understanding, the 29-year-old DC4 rapper provides some insight.

“We talking about us getting killed on paper, going to jail for no f*cking reason for half the time, being slapped with a million years of probation. We talk cops shooting n*ggas on the pavement for pulling them over over car tickets and shit like that. That’s what we talking about. Why you come out your mouth and say all lives matter?”

That Meek Mill is no Lil Wayne that’s for sure.

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