Meek Mill Breaks Down The Exact Moment He And Drake Stopped Getting Along

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10.31.16 9 Comments

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Taxstone’s highly anticipated interview with Meek Mill is finally out and it’s one hour and 42 minutes of an unfiltered Meek talking everything from Drake to his haters to “motivating” on the ‘Gram, ghostwriting rumors, Beanie Sigel and a whole lot more.

We may as well start with the 29-year-old rapper addressing why he didn’t immediately respond to Drake’s disses. Aside from being on tour when Papi came at his neck, Meek says he moves at his speed. “I was on tour at this time, when all that shit was going on back to back,” the DC4 rymer revealed. “When I record, I don’t really record like that. I always move on my time.” Meek also says the reason why his Game response came so quickly was because of Omelly. Omelly was already in the studio and dialed up Meek. “I wasn’t even going to make no diss rap, but Omelly FaceTime’d me in the studio with Beans and they said come through, and I just pulled up.” Meek insists the song wasn’t technically his own diss record because his verse comes in last, adding, “I wasn’t going to have a diss record of a n*gga dissing me and I’m on the third verse.”

And it’s not just Kanye who feels a certain way when so-called friends don’t make house calls. Meek says he was home for a year and Drake never came by or checked up on him. It was weird as hell because Drake was, according to the Dreamchaser, a guy “he hollers at every time we’re in the same places.” But since the “Nicki Minaj situation,” things changed.

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