Meek Mill Says He’d Fight Drake For $5 Million And Nicki Minaj Can Be The Ring Girl

01.13.17 2 years ago 8 Comments

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Always prone to foot-in-mouth syndrome, Meek Mill’s just written another check his ass probably can’t cash. A new video has surfaced with the Philly rapper claiming he would consider entering the boxing ring with his nemesis Drake and he’s even got ideas for how Nicki Minaj can be involved.

The Instagram Live video surfaced on Thursday night and it allegedly appears to show Meek Mill in the gym while someone else has their video rolling on their cellphone. He can be heard saying that he would “break Drizzy the f**k up for five mil” during a convo about Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s supposed upcoming fight. “Of course I would,” he says before following the comment up with another absurd one. “And we gone make Nicki the ring girl,” a reference to his new ex-girlfriend.

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