Meek Mill’s Legal Team Has Even More Evidence That Judge Brinkley Was Treating Him Unfairly

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Meek Mill is out of jail, but as he’s noted before, he won’t feel officially free until he’s off of probation. That time may come sooner than later for Meek due to the hard work of his lawyers and other figures in the Pennsylvania Justice system. He’s scheduled to have a June 18th hearing to determine whether he needs a new trial in his 2008 gun and drug case, but that case may be waived after Defender Association of Philadelphia lawyer Bradley Bridge sent Meek’s legal team an affidavit explaining how the presiding Judge Genece Brinkley is unfairly handling his case. They are using that affidavit in an updated Post Relief Conviction Act petition in a bid to eliminate the need for the June hearing, have his original trial overturned and remove all of Meek’s legal restrictions — including his probation.

Bridge stated in the affidavit we received that he’s filed over 2000 PCRA petitions and has never “had a judge order an evidentiary hearing” as Brinkley, who is currently under FBI investigation, has. The Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner agrees that Meek Mill should receive a new trial. The case relies on an alleged lie about seeing Meek deal drugs and corrupt ex-cop Reginald Graham and other cops’ assertions that Meek pointed a gun at roughly 10 cops during a police raid. Given what we’ve seen with police and community reactions in recent years, it seems unlikely that Meek would have survived that action, as one of Graham’s former partners in the police force noted.

Perhaps a higher court will perceive a lack of credibility in the testimony and waive the need for a retrial, which would free Meek from his probation and allow him to travel freely – as he’s currently confined to Philadelphia and must get permission to leave the city for appearances such as his recent surprise performance at Rolling Loud.