Meek Mill Gets Ruthlessly Clowned With Memes Over ‘Man Purse’ Picture

This is getting out of hand! Ever since Meek Mill turned Wikimeeks last year and revealed that Drake allegedly uses a ghostwriter, the Little Philly Engine That Could has seemingly become the walking posterchild for taking Ls. It’s gotten so bad that even something as innocuous as stylishly heading off to the airport is being recorded as a loss for the rapper.

The Dreamchaser provided fans with some powerful motivation Thursday night when he posted a simple picture snapped before hopping aboard a private jet. The picture shows a stone-faced Meek looking modelesque as he poses with a Louis Vuitton messenger bag draped across his slim body. The 29-year-old rapper posted the snap on his Instagram with the caption, “If they only knew.! Unfortunately, for a guy whose very existence is filed under L by his ardent haters, the picture is earning Meek all of the memes and jokey jokes.

“Meek posing like he just got the child support for his four kids and bought his outfit to go out with the girls. ‘Bitch, who? I look good ASF,'” described a fan in the picture’s comment section. Another thought the rapper was auditioning for a TV role, tweeting, “Why Meek Mill posing like he auditioning for lead actress at Luke Cage casting?” While one fan couldn’t help notice Meek looked like one of those “let me speak to the manager” moms.

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Yo chill 😂😂😒😒

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At this point, Meek’s looking at the history books as rap’s biggest punching bag.

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