Meek Mill Is Already Back At The Studio, Recording His First New Music Of 2018

Since Meek Mill left jail, he has been quick to remind us that his legal battles aren’t over just yet. Fortunately, Meek sounds fired up in his first studio session since his release from Pennsylvania’s Chester State Correctional Institution.

In the above snippet, Meek airs out his grievances about how institutionalized racism keeps his fellow black man restricted to a life of eating Oodles of Noodles in Section 8 housing. Meek also openly wrestles with how he doesn’t feel quite free: “How am I supposed to make it? Try working, and they giving me violations / Still running, dreaming and chasing / running out of patience, sick and tired of waiting.” In short: He’s back to making fight-for-your-life music. (His last album was 2017’s Wins And Losses.)

Meek has no choice but to wait until a June hearing, to see whether he can overturn the drugs and weapons conviction spurned by a corrupt cop that has dogged him since age 19. (Judge Genece C. Brinkley will continue to preside, despite recommendations that she recuse herself.) Until then, he isn’t legally allowed to leave his hometown Philadelphia.

Still, Meek feels cautiously optimistic about his prospects. “God is my first lawyer, I always believed that,” he said to Deadline after his release. “I got a strong team behind me, I got a lot of support. It’s a lot of light shed on my situation.”