Meek Mill Responds To A Rapper Mentioning Lil Snupe

Clearly the beef between Meek Mill and Cassidy has gone too far and is on the brink of becoming violent. It is time for someone to step in and end this before it gets ugly. I’m not saying they ever have to be friends, but it would be best if this is resolved peacefully for Hip Hop and Philly. If anything they can do a boxing match for charity in Philly.

I can’t confirm if Meek is speaking about Cassidy in these tweets.

Cassidy – Catch A Body (Meek Mill Diss)
Meek Mill – Ooh Kill ‘Em (Kendrick Lamar Response)

hes not talking about cassidy……last night at summer madness 3…Arsonal said some shit in his rap and mentioned lil snupe…it was disrespectful – Kalik