Megan Thee Stallion Teases Her New Song ‘Sex Talk’ With A Clever Twist On Late-Night Hotlines

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Texas rapper Megan Thee Stallion has come seemingly out of nowhere to become hip-hop’s talk of the moment, blowing up after her run of attention-grabbing freestyles sent listeners looking for her 2018 debut, Tina Snow. She’s striking while the iron is still smoking hot, promoting her next album coming later this year with a flurry of photoshoots, magazine profiles, freestyles, and the album’s first single, “Sex Talk.” To tease the new song, she created a special hotline in a parody of ’90s-era late-night phone sex hotlines to offer a preview to anyone who calls in.

Calling the number listed in the tweet above connects to a snippet of the song in which Megan snaps off some her trademark, rapid-fire bars over a thudding but minimal beat consisting of a booming 808 and a swinging clap. With “Sex Talk” dropping in two more days, it’s a clever way to build excitement — and, no doubt, to gauge it as well since there’s probably a computer somewhere tallying the call-ins and their respective area codes. In fact, after you hang up, you’ll receive a text promoting the single as well as offering fans a chance to sign up for text updates from the star. It just goes to show that Megan’s sudden rise to prominence is no accident — she’s as smart and calculating as they come, which means she’s likely here to stay, despite what her detractors in the peanut gallery may think.

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