MIA Is Accused Of More Anti-Blackness After Her Tweet About Harvey Weinstein

10.13.17 2 years ago 11 Comments

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M.I.A. has been accused of more anti-blackness over a tweet of hers about — of all people — Harvey Weinstein. She wrote, “Can you imagine if the music industry Harvey Weinsteined people? Especially number one genre in pop — hip hop!” She immediately incurred a firestorm of reactions from followers who were quick to remind her that she is “a guest in hip-hop” and implore her to “let black folks sort that out.”

One user tweeted that “A lot of female pop artists have experienced this sh*t so it’s not exclusive to the hip-hop and rap music industry.” Which is true. While rap and hip-hop have their fair share of icky controversies over toxic comments about women and a general attitude of misogyny and sexism, Kesha and Dr. Luke could hardly be considered hip-hop stars in any sense.

One of the more interesting responses came from writer/activist Jamilah Lamieux, who unleashed a thread calling M.I.A.’s tweet a prime example of “Black women’s problems,” saying that M.I.A’s “anti-Blackness has been clocked and noted long ago” and asking, “The default for predator, in the middle of a white man’s scandal, is still Black men?”

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