Migos Beat Up Sean Kingston And Soulja Boy Is To Blame

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Soulja Boy has been on a tear of beefs, social media stunts, and instigations lately. But this latest one is the most roundabout of all. You see, Soulja Boy is friends with Sean Kingston, who had apparently taken it upon himself to help Soulja pursue his latest beef against Migos. Soulja’s beef with Quavo in particular went so far that he literally wrote a song called “Beef” that is supposedly aimed at the rising Atlanta rap trio. Rising like, they were just on Ellen and her audience knew the words, rising.

TMZ reports that Kingston got into it with Migos over Soulja Boy at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Vegas, and that he was beaten badly when things turned physical and he was kicked and stomped in the head. At that point, a member of Sean’s party allegedly pulled a gun, fired a single shot, and was detained by the police and security.

Later, Kingston was pulled over at a traffic stop and while he cooperated with authorities, he wouldn’t name Migos on the record. So, they are not wanted by the police, although the cops apparently would “like to speak with them.” But that might have more to do with how fire “Bad And Boujee” is than anything to do with Kingston. And Sean isn’t in trouble either… except maybe with Soulja Boy?

Update: In an Instagram live video, Kingston denies any of this happened: