Did Quavo Lose The Hard Drive With Migos’ New Album ‘Culture 2’ On It?

Getty Image

To all the Migos stans out there expecting to get your hands on the trio’s follow-up to their blockbuster album Culture sometime soon, you might want to brace yourself for a longer wait then you were expecting. Recently, Quavo popped up for an Instagram Live session where he was set to debut some fresh tracks off their latest album Culture 2, but just as they were gearing up for the unveiling, Quavo revealed that hard drive containing the new songs had gone missing.

Most of the session, which was recorded and you can watch above, shows Quavo trying to figure out what happened to the lost hard drive. It’s hard to make out exactly what the engineer behind the boards is saying for most of the conversation, but you can make out the word, “erase” in there, but that could be related to a copy. From what can be gathered, it appears that someone took them out of the studio and is holding onto them at a different location.

Last month, Offset revealed that the group was hoping that to release Culture 2 sometime in October. Let’s all just hope whoever has the hard drives containing the record is affiliated with the Migos and is handling them with care.