Migos Show An Unexpected Gift For Comedic Timing In Their ‘SNL’ Promo With Charles Barkley

Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset may have missed out on those highly-coveted hyena roles in the Lion King remake, but the shame’s that we missed out seeing their comedic timing and chemistry. Fortunately, the good folks at Saturday Night Live realized that this was a need that required filling, so they partnered musical guest Migos with guest host Charles Barkley and regular cast member Kate McKinnon, pointed the camera, and let them do their thing.

The results are pure gold, which may have been unexpected for some. After all, the Atlanta trap-rappers are notoriously soft-spoken and low-key, even when performing high-energy hits like “Stir Fry.” Their ad-libs have become legendary though, so much so that McKinnon got in on the action, barking out “Kate!” in response to Offset’s Pokemon-like interjection. They go back-and-forth a bit before Barkley breaks in with his own and is immediately shouted down by the four-person peanut gallery around him. I guess he just didn’t have the same swag.

Of course, while good old Chuck is hosting the evening’s festivities, his Inside The NBA cohorts got to broadcast from the same studio last night, making a welcome change of pace from their Atlanta studio and giving Charles a chance to get acquainted with his temporary home away from home.

Tune in Saturday night (of course) to see how the Round Mound Of Rebound matches up with McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, and the gang, while Migos get a shot at redemption after last year’s awkward performance with Katy Perry.