Mike Will Made-It Is Working With Eminem And Dr. Dre On New Music

Mike Will Made-It has big plans in the works. Earlier this morning he posted a video of him captioned “Big 2018,” of him hanging out with longtime musical partners Dr. Dre and Eminem. “Mike Will, real motherfucking hip-hop,” Dre says, before Eminem butts it to “introduce” himself: “Fake hip-hop here.” The hitmaking Atlanta producer was so starstruck, he later quoted 8 Mile anthem “Lose Yourself” on Instagram: “I ONLY NEED 1 SHOT I WONT MISS MY CHANCE TO BLOW , CAUSE OPPORTUNITY COMES ONCE N [sic] A LIFETIME.”


Of course Mike Will didn’t reveal what they worked on; such drip feed marketing is the nature of modern-day music promotion. What you should consider, though, is that Eminem and Paul Rosenberg’s OST for Joseph Kahn’s Bodied has yet to arrive since it was announced last fall. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dr. Dre is supposed to appear on a few songs, “though unlike Eminem’s songs, they are not new.”

Perhaps that has changed, though, with Mike Will now in the mix. If anything, his appearance with Em can only be a good thing for the veteran star, who has faced less than favorable reviews for his massive new album Revival, and is reportedly planning a massive tour for 2018.