One Of R. Kelly’s Girlfriends Confirmed Some Details Of The Sex Cult Story, And They’re Really Bizarre

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Jezebel interviewed one of the women in R. Kelly’s entourage, and she opened up about details of the emerging story that the Chicago singer has been keeping very young women in a “sex cult.” Although Cook County police went to the studio, and reported back that one girl “appeared to be in good health with no visible injuries or markings,” the women interviewed by Jezebel, named in the story as “Kim,” contradicts their conclusion that the girls were “fine” in their bizarre, unhealthy circumstances.

While the original report published by Buzzfeed alleges if one of the girls breaks Kelly’s rules he “punishes them physically and verbally,” Jezebel’s interview with “Kim” reveals just how unusual these punishments could be:

Kim said that she and the girl were instructed by Kelly to “take off your clothes and act like you miss each other.” He got out his iPad and started filming, she said, but was dissatisfied by the 19-year-old’s performance. He told Kim to sit on the couch and took the 19-year-old into another room. Twenty minutes later, he called Kim in. Kim knocked in the proper way, then walked in to find the younger girl nude except for one of Kelly’s bigger pieces of jewelry, a heavy chain.

“He had his iPad recording and she was naked except for a big chain and she was running laps from one end of the room to the other,” Kim remembers. “She was running laps around the room and apologizing. She kept saying, ‘I’ve been bad, I’m sorry Daddy,’ sh*t like that. And I’m standing there and she starts apologizing to me.”

As more reports emerge, if appears that R. Kelly, who was previously indicted and acquitted on charges of producing child pornography, has at the very least a domineering and controlling personality, and at worst, been abusing his celebrity to exert an unhealthy level of domination over the lives of some of the most vulnerable targets.