‘Nobody Knows’ Mozzy’s Pain On The Jay Rock-Assisted First Single From His ‘Spiritual Conversations’ EP


Mozzy has long been one of the Golden State’s best-kept secrets, but after signing with EMPIRE and #kickingdacup upon the birth of his child, the year old is clear-minded and ready to keep ascending into the hip-hop mainstream. He’s dropping his upcoming Spiritual Conversations EP on March 2nd. Spiritual Conversations will be his first project as a signed artist. That name is fitting, given that most hip-hop fans may know him for having his 1 Up Top Akh album title referenced by Kendrick Lamar at the Grammys. The title is a reference to keeping your god above everything else, which is a refreshing mission statement given how many rappers of his ilk are money-over-all-else.

Mozzy got help from another TDE-repper recently, as Jay Rock and vocalist DCMBR joined him for the pensive “Nobody Knows,” which released today. The introspective banger shows Mozzy reflecting on his time in the streets, trying to stay away from the fakes but keeping his loved ones ever-close. “Started lookin’ for love it was so hard to find/b*tches tell me they love me I never believe them lies/n—–s tell me they love me I never believe them lies,” he reflects, proving that even if he’s spiritually grounded he’s not any less jaded by previous circumstances. Jay Rock follows up with a typically passionate verse, keeping the momentum going from his “King’s Dead” collaboration with Kendrick and Future.

You can pre-order Spiritual Conversations via iTunes here.