Watch Nardwuar Teach PartyNextDoor About Toronto’s Jamaican Music Roots

Nardwuar is back with another of his loveable, wacky interviews, and this time it’s with Toronto R&B upstart PartyNextDoor. One thing Nardwuar is consistently known for doing in-depth research before talking with artists — and he didn’t cut any corners in this very simple one-on-one interview with the OVO Sound star. He starts the interview by gifting the singer with a vintage Jodeci record then dives into Party’s roots by mentioning places from his childhood such as “No Frills” and “Silver Throne Park.”

What is also interesting about the interview is Nardwuar teaches PartyNextDoor something about old school Jamaican artists that were based out of Toronto. Nardwuar gifts Party with music from different Jamaican artists such as Light In The Attic, who were sampled by Nas, and Noel Ellis, who was sampled by none other than Kanye West. Nardwuar continues with the gifts, followed up with a couple questions that Party didn’t know the answer too, but he seemed just as happy to absorb the knowledge.

What we learned about Party in this episode is that he’s pretty much always gone by the moniker PartyNextDoor, and he’s a night owl, often staying up as late as 7 AM. Watch the whole clip above to learn more, and hopefully he listens to the music Nardwuar gave him, and allows it to inspire him to make more hit records that speak to struggling love birds across the world.