Nas Won’t Stop Insulting The Rest Of Hip-Hop On Nicki Minaj’s Instagram

09.15.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

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The internet was abuzz about footage of Nas licking Nicki Minaj’s neck at his 44th birthday celebration, but it looks like Nicki got him to channel Nasty Nas in the way that so many love him for. In recent interviews, Nas has done a 180 from his decade-ago “hip hop is dead” stance, which made him a lightning rod amongst southern rappers and became a major talking point. Nowadays, he’s been championing the new generation of hip-hop and even named his new school top five — but the other night he may have opened up a whole other can of worms and given us some insight on how he really feels.

Footage was ripped from Nicki Minaj’s Instagram live feed of Nas repeatedly yelling “every n—a that raps is p*ssy,” an unequivocal diss in line with many hip-hop traditionalist’s takes that new school rappers, from their fashion sense to their music, have betrayed the (perceived) rugged mandate of hip-hop.

It’s worth noting that Nas has been working on his new album. How much of that attitude are we going to get on the project, especially after the mature, reflective tone of Life Is Good? How much of this is the product of him being drunk as hell? Is he as agitated as his manager at Lonzo Ball’s “no one listens to Nas” comment?

For a hip-hop head, the optics of Nas on his “f—k everybody” steez is promising. I guess we’ll see if he sticks with this sentiment. I’m sure many people – aside from Ball – will be listening.

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