Nas Shoots Video For Can’t Forget About You, Plans To Release An Album This Year

01.09.07 12 years ago

Nas spoke with MTV about his video and future plans, here are some excerpts:

New album is in the making right now,” Nas said Sunday night, sitting in his trailer outside the set of his new video for “Can’t Forget About You.” “07, new Nas album, I can’t wait. I’m not finished. I feel like something is starting right now. This is a momentum and a movement that’s happening out here. I gotta make sure I stay the captain of this ship and push it forward. I’m here at Def Jam, I’m renaming it the Black Oasis. You bring Nas into any situation like the situation that’s at Def Jam and you gonna get nothing but the top of the line.

“I’m friends with [Def Jam A&R rep] J. Brown, and he said, ‘Nas wants you to be in the video.’ I said ‘OK,’ ” said Natalie Cole, wearing a black suit, Chuck Taylor sneakers and a pendant of a crown (to pay homage to her famous father). “I hadn’t heard [the song yet]. But I’ve heard of Nas, and I thought it was cool. I knew we had already given the license for the use of ‘Unforgettable.’ I think it’s great every time I see the hip-hop world reaching back and getting great vintage stuff. I think the title [‘Can’t Forget About You’], it’s appropriate. Then Nas got on the phone, we talked, and here I am.”

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Video sounds hot, good look having Natalie Cole in it. New album in 07?, I hope he doesn’t rush it.

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