The Photographer Who Took The Only Photo Of Nas With Tupac In Existence Wanted To Crop Nas Out

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10.12.17 6 Comments

This week, longterm hip-hop gots a special treat when previously unreleased photos of a young Nas with Tupac surfaced online, and today the full story of how the photos were rediscovered after 25 years has been revealed. The photos were unearthed courtesy of journalist and producer, Vikki Tobak, who started the Contact High Project in June 2016 to tell the stories behind hip-hop’s most iconic images, the photographers and shoots that created them, and the images that got left on the cutting room floor simply because nobody knew how significant they’d turn out to be.

In an interview with Mass Appeal, Tobak revealed the providence of the newly released photos, taken by Al Pereira (who is currently mixed up in legal drama with Kylie and Kendall Jenner over their T-shirts bearing his images of Tupac and The Notorious BIG) and shared the intriguing story behind their unveiling — and why they went into the archives for so long in the first place.

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