Nas Speaks On New Album & Says Hip Hop Is Still Dead

03.16.11 7 years ago 54 Comments


I know you’ve got a busy year scheduled. What’s the latest with the ‘Lost Tapes 2’?

‘Lost Tapes 2’, I kinda got away from it and I started working on my new album so I kinda pushed that back and put my new album first because I lost time and its new album time so that’s where I’m at with it now.

I know you’ve been performing with Lauryn Hill and some members of The Firm recently. Would you consider putting them on your album again?

The records that I’m doing now are a lot different from what I used to do with The Firm, the way I do, what I talk about and the music I’m making is a whole lot different to then so it’d just be… I wouldn’t know how to do it at this moment. I’m still doing different things so I’m just kinda working on the new s**t.

I know you probably been asked this a million times but do you think Hip-Hop is still dead?

Yeah, yeah it is. Yeah, but the new artists that I’m loving they coming from the UK, they coming United States, they coming from all over the world and a few in particular are J. Cole, Jay Electronica. I’m really into them and I’m excited for Lupe Fiasco’s new album ‘Lasers’ and Raekwon’s new album so the spirit of Hip-Hop is alive and well. The spirit is, can’t kill the spirit.
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Was Hip Hop ever dead in your opinion?

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