Ne-Yo’s ‘Two’ Delivers Love In Its Purest Form

Ne-Yo launched a new SoundCloud channel to release music that likely isn’t tied to any projects. As a songwriter, his catalog of unreleased material has to be run deep and this new outlet for him to share music means we’ll be getting treats from time to time. He recently dropped off a record titled “Two” that he first tried to perform during his private wedding back in February. According to him, emotions overpowered and singing the song didn’t go as planned.

“This is the song I attempted to sing to my wife on our wedding day. If you saw the video, you know it didn’t go well. LOL. Emotions and all that. This is a song that expresses a love that makes the opinion of others mean even LESS than they actually do. For in TRUE love the only opinions that matter….are ‘TWO.'”

It’s the thought that counts, and now the world can enjoy the song. “Two” is a very beautiful song that explores the idea of a relationship/marriage only mattering to the two people involved. Nobody outside of the couple has influence, because these “Two,” whoever they may be, are in deep love. It doesn’t get any more pure than that.