NERD And Andre 3000’s ‘Rollinem 7’s’ Collaboration Is A High-Energy Bop

NERD has announced a new album, and the one track that has seemingly the whole world hyped (aside from energetic lead single “Lemon” with Rihanna) is “Rollinem 7’s” feat. Andre 3000. Thanks to Zane Lowe and Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, the wait for the new track is over, and we can all hear the new Andre 3000 verse we’ve been hankering for. Pharrell, Chad, and Shay also stopped by the Beats 1 studio to talk about the creation of the new album, No_One Ever Really Dies, how the collaboration in question came together, and make some interesting comparisons between their music and Transformers.

For those who want to skip all that and get straight to Andre, you’ll have to jump ahead to the 4-minute mark. Andre slips right into the experimental, percussion-driven beat, stretching his words and delivering a typically interesting, intricate, and heady sixteen just before the track cuts off. When asked about his feelings on working with the Outkast legend, Pharrell said he had the same reaction any fan would. “There were moments where my stomach dropped out,” he admitted. “Because I knew if 3 Stacks gave us a verse, I knew he was gonna go hard. We just had to talk to him. We’re all clear that he’s a genius, right? We’re all clear that he’s an alien? So for him, he has a process, and there’s a bunch of things that need to make sense before he even commits himself to something.”

Listen to “Rollinem 7’s” courtesy of HipHop-N-More below.