The First Trailer For Netflix’s Rap Documentary Series ‘Rapture’ Features None Other Than T.I.

Netflix and Mass Appeal have teamed up to produce a documentary highlighting some of rap’s most prominent figures and the first trailer featuring Atlanta’s own T.I. is out now. Rapture will cover the music and lives of well-known artists like T.I., 2 Chainz, Just Blaze, Nas, and Rapsody as filmmaker Sacha Jenkins seeks to contextualize these figures in hip-hop culture and illustrate how hip-hop culture affects the whole world.

In the trailer above, we see scenes from T.I.’s life — both his modern, family-friendly, television sitcom dad life and his criminal past — as he reconciles the two aspects of himself and navigates a rap game that has changed since he first debuted nearly two decades ago. As he jokes with one of his Nerf gun-brandishing sons, “I don’t deal with them no more.”

T.I.’s change of heart is more than just talk. The veteran rap impresario has taken it on himself to be one of hip-hop’s mouthpieces for both social justice and economic advancement. And while he is far from perfect, he’s often the first to chime in with a word of wisdom to the youth of a generation that grew up on his music — or sometimes, his more obstinate peers with the occasional reminder that they were all kids once, too.

Rapture comes to Netflix’s service — as usual for the platform, with all of its episodes at once — March 30.

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