New Artist Spotlight: GaTa G.E.D

07.05.08 10 years ago 48 Comments

GaTa G.E.D.’s Myspace Page

GaTa G.E.D – This Is All Real

GaTa G.E.D. – Its Cold

GaTa G.E.D – The Legend

Lil Wayne ft. Tyga & GaTa G.E.D. – Stacks On Deck

There are too many “Kings” in Hip-Hop. Just about every other artist in the Rap Game has tried to claim the title, most of them don’t seem to realize that there is someone who will rightfully inherit the Throne. It is not something you claim, it is something that is given to you. And when the time comes, the Next King will already be entitled to it”. So until then, I’m just here 2 earn my RESPECT! -GaTa G.E.D.

GaTa started earning his Lyrical respect early on when he started to display his rhyming back in High School. He quickly earned a reputation in and around the streets of L.A as the one to watch for. As a Student of the Rap Game, GaTa is out to prove himself amongst rap’s elite population. “I like lyrical MC’s, where the lyrics are their best gimmick. I came up under Biggie, 2 Pac, Jay-Z, and Nas,” he says. His appreciation for the culture and pioneers is vivid throughout his material. In 2005 GaTa ran into a highly talented Young Rapper who goes by the name of TYGA. The two of them collaborated on different underground projects to prepare themselves for what is yet to come. Both of them refused to join any other Rap Stables that recruited them, because they had a vision of their on. So in 2006 G.E.D Inc. was established and now this powerful Rap Foundation is getting ready to make its mark on the Industry’s territory.

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