New Artist Spotlight: Henok Achido

03.20.08 10 years ago 31 Comments

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Henok – That Fucking Guy

Henok Achido grew up in a musical home in the Southern parts of Sweden, purchasing his first vinyl with his weekly allowance at the age of 8. At the age of 17, Henok featured on number one hit single and grammy nominated song ‘Mina Hundar’ by Swedish rapgroup Fattaru, which resulted in numerous performances in most Scandinavia countries but although the outcome and response for Henok was massive, he still didnot feel satisfied with the mindstate and lacked maturity and the preparation to be the complete musician. After, Mina Hundar, Henok dropped out of highschool and moved to Stockholm to continue record and feature songs but still didnot feel that his timing was right. Late 05 and after creating several high quality songs and being mostly pushed by his younger brother to create music, he decided to take the big step in to the light of music. Today, Henok Achido is known for being a bilingual artist plus the combination of unique flow, determination, cockiness & inventive word play describes Henoks’ main characteristics best.

Check below for Henok’s video for, “Million Dollar Baby,” and more info about him.

Henok – Million Dollar Baby

Summer 2006, Henok recorded his first video ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and received huge response & is also now featured in a several aggressive sports commercials, mixtapes and albums in Sweden, U.S, France, Germany and Australia. After being signed to indie label DLX entertainement, Henok released a 8 track free dowload EP called -That Fucking Guy – The EP in May 2007 that recieved more than 30.000 downloads worldwide and resulted in radio and TV airtime in Sweden, Germany and U.S.  Furthermore, In Oct 2007, Henok was meant to perform as supporting act for legendary rapper Rakims’ European Tour but unfortunatly Rakim cancelled his tour at last minute. At this moment, Henok is recording his highly anticipated debut album, Almaz Charming Child and his first video from the debut album -Almaz Charming Child- called Can I Talk My Shit has just finished its recordings and will premiere on TV soon.


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