New Artist Spotlight: Kertasy From New Jersey

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Kertasy’s Myspace Page
More of his music on the myspace page, Let me know what you think of,  “My Body Go,” &  “Just Like Dat” Bio below


The name is Gabson Augustin, known best as “Kertasy”. Grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey. His father passed away when he was 6 years old and his mother, having difficulty with her grief, found comfort in drugs. As his mother struggled to raise him and his siblings, Kertasy was forced to grow up fast, becoming the man of the house at an impossibly young age. His grandparents took in him and his siblings, but Kertasy had developed into a very independent child with a keen sense of intuition, picking up on the games that the adults around him played on one another. He dropped out of High School to pursue a career in rap music. Infatuated with hip-hop music Kertasy would often steal his mix tapes and write down the song lyrics, only to recite them and mimic the rapper’s flow over the beats. He began to develop a deep love for the music himself. After completing a Black History Month project in the 6 Th grade, in which he and his friend wrote and recorded a rap song for Harriett Tubman (getting them attention in the NJ Star-Ledger newspaper), Kertasy knew that he was destined to make a name for himself in hip-hop. With this first taste of fame, Kertasy began to study the hip-hop greats: Jay Z, Nas, Mase, etc. to learn what elements made a strong radio single, what moves made a career artist.

During his first year of high school, Kertasy won 1st place in his first high school talent show and began battling the upper classman to create a buzz around his name. During his sophomore year, he hooked up with a DJ in his class and began throwing teen parties, distributing flyers and organizing all-female street teams from the local schools to spread the word. As his fame grew around the city, Kertasy became the man of the hour; however, his grandparents did not support this new lifestyle and eventually kicked him out of the house. An older friend named Woolden who lived in Brooklyn took him in. Kertasy began commuting between Brooklyn, NY and Elizabeth, NJ, balancing school and survival- without his grandparents’ financial support; he turned to hustling drugs in Jefferson Park. Believing in Kertasy’s talent, Woolden put up money so that he could begin recording. After partnering up with Lyvv, another well-known rapper from his hometown, the two put out their first mixtape under the name “1 st String,” selling around 1000 copies in NJ. Through the success of this effort, the duo was approached by and signed A deal with an independent label.

Through his journey this young artist worked with the one and only super talented music producer, songwriter & artist R.KELLY. In an effort to increase his name and get recognition he landed a performance at the Apollo, opening for Eve, Benzino, Lil’ Kim and Sean Paul; part of a Foot Action promotion, broadcast live on Power 105 in NYC. Kertasy is one of the best unsigned artists right now and will be one of the best things that happen in hip hop once he bet a chance to showcase his talent to the rest of the world. The perfect mix of street and suave, he has the makings of a great artist. His natural talent and charisma has been refined by experience; coupled with his independence, Kertasy has made great strides without a major label deal behind him, all before the age of 21. Utilizing newer producers for a novel sound- the middle ground between gritty East Coast and sexy Southern influences- his flow and delivery varies greatly by song, sometimes bubbling smoothly over the melody, other times, exploding fast and punchy, ricocheting off of the bass. “I favor up-tempo beats because of my versatility,” Kertasy explains. “I like to flip my flow, which is unusual for some rapper.”

Most recently, Kertasy linked up with a friend’s production and management company, Debonair Entertainment. Together, they are working towards a label or distribution deal for the project. Last year in the effort to create a buzz he drooped two club SMASH HITS singles, “All Eyes” & “Move dat ass” and One of the Hottest mix tape On the Street out right now “Kocback And Reloaded” Leave A Message Vol. 1″ Hosted by the Harlem Diplomats.

The video for the single “All Eyes” is currently playing in some of the local video Channels, and also got some airplay in Boston, and Connecticut and Music Choice. The single is also on the Vibe Magazine Artists on the Verge CD Compilation that came out in February 2006. The Compilation was sent to over 400,000 customers with their new subscriptions. He also had a few dates On the Vibe Magazine College tour trip last year in October that feature some of the top artist that’s out right now such “Juelz Santana & “Teairra Mari” to name a few.

KERTASY is back again this year droping his second club SMASH HITS single “DRINKIN MY MONEY” & “JUST LIKE DAT” FEAT YOUNG JEEZY.Taking a creole term and translate it in english to create the smash hit ” DRINKING MY MONEY”. KERTASY explain “It’s living life to the fullest and having fun, whether you on a foreign island drinkin your money like “P-DIDDY, JAY-Z and BEYONCE” or on the block playing domino’s drinking barbancourt with your family and friends.That’s “drinkin ur money”. So relax, play the record and drink ur money with us. Thank you!

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