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Square Off ft. Krayzie Bone – We Riding

When you listen to a Square Off track you are sure to hear the tight rhymes, the undeniable flow, and hooks that stay with you long after your iPod has been turned off. Of course these are all elements you’d expect from a group out of Harlem… then again expectations are inevitable when your father is known as the “World’s Greatest Entertainer.”

Growing up in the family of Hip-hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh has given Square Off a unique perspective and appreciation for the history of the music they love. Their self-described “New Old School” style is their way of keeping old-school alive, paying homage to the history of Hip-hop while combining it with a new flavor all their own. Though still students of the game, these young motivators are quickly becoming teachers for the next generation of Hip-hop fans and artists alike.

Even the group’s name has historical ties. The name “Square Off” was given to them when they were only 9 and 10 years old by the late Jady Walker aka K. Superior who was a close friend Doug E. Fresh and often performed with the Get Fresh Crew.

Each member of Square Off brings their own unique style to the group. Trips is the smooth ladies man with a bit of a street edge, Slim grew up in Brooklyn, adding an other dimension to his outgoing personality and street flavor, and Nick Gleamz is laid back with a voice that represents that classic Harlem sound. Along with their DJ CMS, these characteristics make up the four elements of Square Off.

The teenage rap group has opened shows for Lil Scrappy, Romeo and Doug E. Fresh. They have performed twice at both the Apollo, Tom Joyner’s Events at Walt Disney World, and several times at Mount Vernon Week and Harlem Week. Square Off has been featured in XXL (Lil Wayne Cover) and the premiere issue of Hy Grade Magazine.

The first single “WE RIDIN” is a hot record produced by DJ CMS and features KRAYZIE BONE on the track it has a down south feel while still staying true to their New York style. “It’s a track that can be played anywhere and everyone will feel it”, states group member Gleamz.

Plans for the future include starting their own record label, creating a clothing line and establishing a foundation for a non-profit school of music where future generations can go to learn aspects of the industry including writing, engineering, producing, etc.

Being the sons (Trips and Slim) and the brother-in-law (Gleamz) of the World’s Greatest Entertainer and originator of the human beat box, these young men have a lot to live up to and undoubtedly expectations run high. A few things are certain… you can expect them to work hard to earn their place amongst the hip-hop heavyweights, you can expect them to uphold the high musical and performance standards set by Doug E. Fresh, and you can expect to be hearing a lot more from Square Off in the near future and for many years to come.

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