New Eminem Video feat. 50 Cent/ Dip Set vs G-Unit Beef/Carmen Talks about Nas, Allen Iverson and Jay-Z/ Britney Spears Files for Divorce

11.07.06 12 years ago

New Eminem Video feat. 50 Cent for – “You Don’t Know

New Snoop Dog Video feat. R. Kelly– “Thats That

In a recent article on, Jim Jones states in regards to Tony Yayo: “That nigga’s a immigrant. He’s a straight hater, he belong in little Haiti.” This is in response to rumors that G-Unit mocked the Jim Jones song, “We Fly High,” by saying BORRRIIIIIINNNNGGG.
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The infamous marriage between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline is coming to an end. Britney Spears has filed for divorce and wants custody of both children. I know Kevin Federline’s rapping is bad, but damn you don’t have to divorce him over it lol.
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Usher is starting his own record company. Link

Chapter 12 of Carmen’s Book(Nas Baby Mother), some excerpts:

About Allen Iverson: Marlon disappeared it was on and poppin! I undressed slowly as he watched. Then he disrobed. His body was sick! He was lean with perfect muscles and natural cuts. He had a lot of scars all over his body, which turned me on even more. He was like a warrior, so rough and had the battle wounds to prove it. He stood naked on the edge of the bed and looked damn near edible. I felt his eyes caress every part of me. I wore a sexy pearl white thong with a matching bra. He was licked his lips and kept his eyes glued to me. After a few moments I was completely naked and my legs were wrapped around his motions. Our lips kissed, hands touched, tongues surfed and juices flowed. Before the night ended we had indulged in four rounds of pure animalistic sexual pleasure.

In the middle of our session, Allen asked “Why Nas ain’t marry you yet?” I wasn’t sure how to respond so I said what came to mind naturally, “Well if he did, I wouldn’t be here with you right now.” “True.” He replied with a smile.

“Can I speak to Foxy?” I asked. She was on the other end in less than two seconds. “This is Carmen, look bitch, I don’t know what you’re problem is but, you don’t know me, so stay the f*** out of my business.” I could hear the suck in her breath from the verbal assault. A few moments later she whimpered “What the f*** are you talking about?” “You know exactly what I’m talking about. What do you have to gain by telling Nas anything about me Allen Iverson? Bitch, you don’t even know me and as a matter of fact you don’t even know Allen.” I barked.

we went upstairs to Rennette’s apartment and picked up Destiny, who was wearing one of Allen’s T-shirts as a nightgown. “Rennette, you know that’s Allen’s T-shirt”, I laughed.


According to Nas, Foxy was a lonely, insecure, little girl that liked anybody that showed her any kind of attention. She had a crush on Nas, Jabari, Wizard and everybody else that came through. Nas could not stand Foxy, to be honest no one could. Everyone that knew her or had met her at some point always had something negative to say about Foxy. Her personality was the absolute worst.

Shawn kept motioning for me to go up to his apartment. I shook my head NO! each time. It wasn’t safe and I wasn’t going to put myself out on a line like that. This went on for a good while until finally he came over to me and whispered. “Meet me upstairs in my bedroom. I’ll go first.” “Are you crazy?” I replied. “What if someome see’s me, you are playing yourself”. Two minutes later, I did what came natural,and slipped away and made my way into Shawn’s apartment and upstairs to his bedroom. What can I say, I’m a risk taker.

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