Nicki Minaj Was A Fierce Dominatrix With One Victim In Mind For Her Billboard Music Awards Performance

Nicki Minaj kicked off tonight’s Billboard Music Awards like only she could. After beginning with a technicolor career retrospective, Nicki launched right into “No Frauds,” the diss track she dropped to deal with Remy Ma’s beef from earlier this year. Then Lil Wayne showed up to rap his verse on the track, we caught sight of David Guetta doing production in the background, Jason Derulo showed up in dreads and a black trench coat to perform “Swalla,” which Nicki features on, and she finished up by performing her other new tracks, “Changed It,” and “Regret In Your Tears.” Throughout the entire performance Nicki rocked a dominatrix-styled outfit, complete with dancing biohazard props at one point, which indicated the entire event was a scathing message to anyone who may try to cross her again.

Even though she hasn’t dropped an album (yet) this year, Nicki has had quite a busy 2017 so far. First, there was that beef with Remy Ma, which Nicki quietly put to bed with a string of three singles that featured her original Young Money cohort, Lil Wayne and Drake.

Then, she threw in an Instagram diss for good measure, claimed she was in fact dropping a new record this year on a feature verse for Major Lazer, and showed up on a Katy Perry single that feels like it may also be a diss track directed at their respective enemies.

Oh she also broke up with Meek Mill and began paying off her fans’ tuition for good measure — phew!