Nicki Minaj Has A New Verse That Sounds Like A Cardi B Diss And Fans Are Hyping It Up

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Ever since New York Fashion Week, hostilities between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B seem to have escalated from simmering speculation to all-out rap beef. That was, of course, when Cardi had her fill of what she perceived as waspish remarks from the more established rapper and confronted her at a crowded event, an incident which ended with Cardi using her shoe as a boomerang and Nicki feigning embarrasment on her radio show. Now, it looks like Nicki is ready to respond in earnest — at least, according to some sharp-eared fans who checked out Future and Juice Wrld’s joint album, Wrld On Drugs, last night.

“They ain’t warn her / Now she out here facing karma,” Nicki snarls during her energized verse. “Had a chance, but got at me now she’s a goner / Where my bad bitches? Fuck these n—-s give them trauma / Coulda fixed his life but now that n—a need Iyanla / All his friends tryna kill it, eat it J.A. Dahmer / N—-s snakes but, stupid, I’m the snake charmer.”

While she doesn’t overtly lash out or directly mention Cardi by name, it’s par for the course for fans to read into her raps as snipes on everyone from Remy Ma to Miley Cyrus at this point. The item that lends credence to their theories is an earlier reference to “Milli Vanilli.” That early-90s pop-R&B duo was famously exposed for lip-syncing to their backing tracks during a live performance; later, it turned out the performers billed as Milli Vanilli were nothing more than hired actors, while the group really responsible for their hits remained in the shadows. This is, of course, a reference to the ghostwriter theory that has dogged Cardi B since her friend and collaborator Pardison Fontaine was discovered to have contributed lyrics to her song “Be Careful.” Cardi, for her part, has welcomed the challenge of a battle with Nicki, hinting that her newest music is full of shots at the veteran’s throne.

See below for fan reactions to the track, and feel free to weigh in on whether or not this constitutes a shot at Cardi B.