Nicki Minaj Puts Her Thanksgiving Cooking Skills To The Test

Nicki Minaj can do a lot of things. She can rap, she can sing, she can act, and she can convince millions of people she’s good at twerking. But can she cook half as good as she can do all those other things? The head Barbie in charge got on the ‘Gram and proved to fans that she can throw down in the kitchen just as well as she can get down in the studio.

A few days ahead of Thanksgiving, the Trinidadian-born Nicki shared an unfiltered plate of Trini-based cuisine she cooked and fixed for boyfriend Meek Mill. “Island girl. I cooked. Sweat me.? Do you Americans eat Kingfish?,” Nicki asked in the image’s caption, “Plantains? So good ? Y’all gon do the most with the zoom. ? First plate is for the #Barbz.”

Yeah, that last part turned out to be false because she then posted a picture of Meek tearing up that kingfish, but soon deleted it when her legion of greedy barbz complained in her social media mentions. For some reason, those guys legit thought an aesthetically struggle plate of rice, corn, sweet plantains and kingfish was an invitation for dinner at Omeeka’s. Nicki shut that down about as quickly as Meek finished his plate and asked what was for dessert.