Nicki Minaj Is Still Dissing Remy Ma And Saying Papoose Wrote ‘SHEther’

Just when you thought Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma had come to pass, it looks like Nicki is going to be fanning the flames again soon, naming names and looking to drag Remy for at least one more round. Nicki has been teasing her collaboration with 2 Chainz for a while, and Chainz eventually confirmed it would be on his album Pretty Girls Love Trap Music on a song titled “Realize,” and that’s percisely where Nicki is sending her next round of shots at her adversary. The track was unveiled at a listening session for the album and Nicki is again doubling down on her claims that not only did Remy’s husband wrote her scathing diss track “SHEther” but that Nas didn’t clear the record.

Papoose wrote that “Ether” record, but I broke Aretha’s record
See this is chess not checkers, you can not check the checkers
Did Nas clear that “Ether” record?

It’s standard fare for Nicki, even if it’s on what sounds like another dope track from Mr. Two Necklaces, but it should wake Remy up for another round of sparring. It seems that she’s tossing her maybe, probably new boyfriend Nas into the fold just for fun, but it’s always nice to have one of the greatest of all-time behind you in a battle like this.

Remy dropped a “Mask Off” freestyle today as well, where she disses a nameless foe, so maybe just when we thought this was all over it’s really just getting started.