Nigel D. Presents: The Great Wall Of China (Mutianyu)

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I started off my trip to Asia in the beautiful city of Tokyo. There was no way I would come all the way to Asia and only visit one country. So my next trip was to see one of the seven wonders of the world, “The Great Wall Of China.”

Photos By Nigel D.

I didn’t go through the process of getting a visa so I could only stay in Beijing for 24 hours. In hindsight I probably should have just got the visa. Got to the airport early and thought everything would be smooth. Problem number one was my friend’s flight out of Beijing was a standby flight. The airline wasn’t sure if that was enough to let them fly into Beijing. If they let someone into Beijing with out a visa and they end up there more than 24 hours the airline has to pay a penalty. So after thirty minutes they made some calls and give them a boarding pass. I showed them my confirmed ticket on my phone and got my boarding pass.

So for a good thirty minutes I thought I would be going to Beijing solo. After that issue got resolved, problem number two came about. While in Tokyo I couldn’t find anywhere to print out my itinerary for the flight leaving Beijing. So at the gate for the flight to Beijing they tell me I need my flight out of Beijing printed out -_- . They say they don’t have a printer anywhere. I’m thinking I might have to go all the way back out into another terminal just to get a print out. A woman at the gate attempts to photocopy my ticket off my ipod touch with a copy machine. I appreciate her effort but of course that failed. With about ten minutes left before boarding began the woman at the gate manages to get access to a printer and disaster is avoided. LESSON LEARNED, always get a print out for your flights.

My 22 hours in Beijing started here. I wasn’t just the, “O.N.I.F.C.,” I was the only nigga in the airport. I actually didn’t see any black people during my entire stay in Beijing.

As you would guess, Yuans, also make her dance.

So, “The Great Wall Of China,” has three different parts in China. Most people go to, Badaling, I went to, Mutianyu. The ride from my hotel by the airport to the wall was about an hour. This is how it looks when you first pull up. There are stores with food and souvenirs. By the way it was brick!

You have the choice of walking up the, “Great Wall,” or taking a cable car up to it. I suggest taking the cable car unless you want a real work out.

View while going up in the cable car.

My first glimpse of the wall on the way up.

Entrance to the, “Mutianyu Great Wall.”

Finally made it onto the wall and took a look at the path i would be walking on. Yes, I went all the way up this mountain.

The walk isn’t exactly smooth sailing. Some areas are flat, while others have steps that are uneven and would be difficult to run on. Along the walk you go through various, watch towers, as you can see in this picture. Those steps in the picture lead to an exit into the mountain area.

A closer look at a watchtower. Inside is dark with windows on both sides to watch out of obviously.

These steps are a lot harder than it looks!

After a long enduring walk of stairs you get to these final steep steps to reach the top of the mountain. Not the very, very top, but this is the point where people turn around.

Victory was mine, I felt like Rocky and appropriately did the, “Money Dance,” on the Great Wall. Lil Mouse would of shed a tear if he saw me.

Then reality hit me, initially I bought a ticket to go up the cable car and come back down on the Toboggan. What I failed to realize is that I walked about an hour the opposite way of where the Toboggan is located. I should have taken a right instead of a left when I first started my trek. SO I had a very long walk ahead of me.

I got motivation from a cheerleader, it was time to make some moves. The driver got us to the Wall around 9 am and we were suppose to get back 11:30 am. It was now 11 a.m. with no, Toboggan, in view!

Had to take some time to stop and smell the roses. Also was looking for an elevator or escalator. No train stops in sight.

At this point I thought to myself, “Shit Just Got Real.” “Might Don’t Make It!” – Gucci Mane.

Going downhill wasn’t any easier due to hills and steps you have to take your time on.

Crazy view, was finally near the, Toboggan.

People from various countries wrote where they are from on this wall.

My three hour journey was almost over when I finally found my ride back down.

The ride down took about four minutes, great experience.

After the, “Great Wall,” I headed back to my hotel and right after to the airport. Next stop was a solo trip to Hong Kong!

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