Noname Releases Her First-Ever Music Video For The ‘Room 25’ Standout ‘Blaxploitation’

Even though Chicago-based rapper Noname has risen to even greater prominence with the release of her self-funded sophomore project Room 25, as it happens, she had actually never done a music video for any of her previous fan-favorite songs. That changes today with the release of “Blaxploitation,” her first music video from the critically-acclaimed new album, as well as her first ever. From the looks of things, she’s off to a great start.

Directed by Alex Lill, “Blaxploitation” features a giant toddler strolling through a model city, causing panic and hysteria among the citizens, stoked by news broadcasts irresponsibly reporting him as a threat when he’s really just being a baby. There’s some unsubtle commentary there about similar fearmongering on real news stations about Black youth in Chicago that definitely bears unpacking.

Noname’s profile is also rising in other ways. She recently made her television debut with a well-received, late-night, three-song medley performance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and has begun hinting at a collaborative project with Midwestern cohorts Saba and Smino to be released sometime in 2019. To top it all off, she’s also planning a headlining tour for next year as well, kicking off in Detroit on January 2. She’s already sold out shows in Toronto, NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Seattle, so now might be a good time to head to and pick up a ticket or two before its too late.

The independently-released Room 25 is out now.