North West Takes Mic To Yell ‘Poopy-Di Scoop’ During Kanye’s ‘Sunday Service’

04.14.19 3 months ago

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North West was the star of her father Kanye’s “Sunday Service” event this week. Each Sunday, Kanye gathers a group of musicians and industry elites for a special church service. This week, Kanye handed the mic over to his daughter for the chance to express herself. North West proudly grabbed the mic and announced, “Poopy-Di Scoop,” a reference to lyrics on her dad’s single “Life Yourself.” It’s clear North West has inherited some of her father’s infamous confidence.

North West was standing with a group of her toddler friends when she was handed the mic. After she yelled her first “Poopy-Di Scoop,” the surrounding musicians obliged by adding a beat. The toddler gained confidence and continued. She then sweetly passed the mic to her friends so they could share the attention.

Watch a clip of the scene at this week’s Sunday Service.

Kanye confirmed he will be performing a special edition of Sunday Service on Easter Sunday at Coachella. The rapper made the announcement over the loudspeaker on an airplane, which was captured by Kim Kardashian.

“Attention 737 passengers,” Kanye said. “We’d like to make an announcement that we just booked another show. We will be doing Sunday Service sunrise at Coachella.”

Earlier this year, Kanye was slated to headline the festival. The rapper cancelled when festival executives refused to build a giant stage dome in the center of festival grounds.

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