Meet Open Mike Eagle’s Superhero Alter Ego In ‘Legendary Iron Hood’

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Open Mike Eagle has been brewing away at his upcoming concept album, Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, a complex ode to Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago where he once grew up.

The opener, “Legendary Iron Hood,” which can be previewed above ahead of Brick Body‘s release this Friday, imagines Mike as a ghetto superhero, a la Luke Cage, with references to comic book mainstays like Infinity Gems and Nightcrawler bouncing off of familiar allusions to project imagery such as Gangster Disciples and paranoid police over a soulful, hazy beat courtesy of DJ Exile.

Iron Hood, Mike’s superhero alter ego, is formed out of a response to the violence of the streets and Mike’s own overactive imagination, as he lyrically explains, “I got swole cause I wanted revenge / My brother Charles got hurt when were playing pretend.”

Mike conceived Brick Body Kids Still Daydream on a flight to Chicago, when he discovered that the Robert Taylor Homes had been torn down, but not replaced, with an empty field marking where the buildings once stood, and imagined the album as a series of stories from the perspective of a daydreaming kid in the projects.

“Legendary Iron Hood” follows up “Brick Body Complex” and “95 Radios” as the final single before Brick Body Kids releases.