Paul Pierce’s Take On Kevin Durant Joining The Warriors Is Kind Of Hypocritical

10.13.16 2 years ago 16 Comments

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Basketball’s original super team was the 2008 Boston Celtics, as that squad paired Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett with Paul Pierce to form a championship-caliber squad. Some people really disliked it, but everyone ended up living with it because Allen, Garnett, and Pierce were three dudes who everyone wanted to see win a ring together. Now, one member of the original super team is speaking out against super teams for some reason.

Pierce was asked his thoughts on Kevin Durant’s decision to go to the Golden State Warriors. Despite winning his only NBA Championship by being on a team that brought in stars from elsewhere in the NBA, Pierce went on SiriusXM NBA and explained that he doesn’t like the way that Durant joined the Warriors.

“I could have left Boston years ago but I stuck it out. I just feel like when you’re that close as a competitor, you don’t go join the team that just pushed you out. That’s just me personally but we’re living in a day and time where there’s a new generation. Guys I don’t think they are as hungry or competitive as my generation was, and that’s why you’ll probably see more of that.”

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